Glider Robot Vacuum and Mop

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  • LDS SLAM navigation system
  • Self sufficient for both mop and vacuum
  • In built cleaning station to the homebase to clean itself after completing a job
  • Carpet sensor to lift the mop and vacuum only if its driving over carpet
  • Dual spinning mops for a more through clean
  • Can handle door saddles up to 20mm
  • Works off app with multi-floor function

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Available on September 10, 2024

Introducing the Glider Robot Vacuum and Mop – the ultimate solution for a spotless home. This high-performance device is designed with state-of-the-art features to provide a comprehensive and convenient cleaning experience.

Key Features:

  • LDS SLAM Navigation System: Achieve precise and efficient cleaning with advanced LDS SLAM technology, expertly mapping your home for optimal navigation.
  • Self-Empty Homebase for Vacuum: Enjoy minimal maintenance with the self-emptying base, which automatically disposes of collected debris, keeping your hands clean.
  • Self-Refilling Homebase for Mop: Experience continuous mopping without manual intervention, as the homebase refills the mop’s water tank for uninterrupted cleaning.
  • Inbuilt Wash and Dry Station: The homebase washes and dries the mops, preventing any unpleasant odors and ensuring they are always ready for use.
  • Ultrasonic Carpet Detection: Enhanced suction power on carpets with ultrasonic detection, ensuring deep cleaning of all floor types.
  • Dual Spinning Mop: Efficiently tackle dirt and grime with the dual spinning mop system, providing superior cleaning performance.
  • Smart Mapping & Room Divider: Customize your cleaning preferences using the app’s map and room divider features, targeting specific areas for thorough cleaning.
  • Multi-Floor Mapping: Ideal for multi-storey homes, the Glider can save and switch between maps for different floors, ensuring complete coverage.
  • No-Go Zones: Easily define restricted areas to prevent the robot from entering sensitive or delicate spaces.
  • Carpet Detection & Mop Lifting: Automatically lifts the mops when detecting carpets, preventing any damage and focusing on vacuuming.
  • 20mm Climbing Capabilities: Smoothly transitions over door saddles and other obstacles up to 20mm high, ensuring seamless movement between rooms.
  • Extended Working Time: With up to 180 minutes of running time, the Glider covers large areas on a single charge for uninterrupted cleaning sessions.
  • Cliff Sensor: Safely navigates your home with cliff sensors, preventing falls and ensuring safe operation.
  • Self-Sufficient Design: Equipped with water tanks for mop refilling and a comprehensive wash and dry station, this robot is designed for maximum independence and minimal user intervention.
  • Quiet Operation: Operating at less than 62dB, the Glider ensures a quiet and peaceful environment while it cleans.

Transform your cleaning routine with the Glider Robot Vacuum and Mop. Its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features make it an indispensable addition to any modern home, delivering an unparalleled cleaning experience with ease and efficiency


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  • Free Delivery on orders over €100


  • Your robot vacuum and mop has a 1-year warranty, all parts excluding water damage, neglect or daily wear and tear will be covered under your warranty.
  • Homebot Ireland does not cover delivery costs of returned products.
  • Returned robot vacuum and mop will be entitled to a full refund if returned within 30 days of purchase and in the same condition as it was when originally purchased new.


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